We value our patients' experience at Family First Wellness Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr Jeffrey Haskel
Your Winter Park Chiropractor

"Dr.Fredrick's is by all means, the best chiropractor I've ever been to! I've had KST doctors before after my accident that have tried and put me back together, but Dr.Kelly is the only one that so far has made any progress! She's so caring, sweet, and intelligent. She only cares about your needs no matter how long it Takes! I'll be seeing her for as long as I need! "

-Katy S.

"Dr. Kelly has helped me in the past 2 months that I started going. Mainly it was pains causing bad anxiety that I started out with, but with each session, my anxiety and pain have reduced a lot."

- Anthony C.

"In my opinion they have excellent service , very attentive and specialized care ..."

- Poul O.

"Amazing! Dr. Haskel is a life saver!!! This place has it all...physical, emotional and spiritual wellness all in one place. I recommend them to everyone I know!!!"

- Lisa H.

"Dr. Haskel is more than your average practitioner - he can approach your wellbeing from a scientific rationale but can integrate and connect it as mind, body, and soul."

- Joy A.

"Wonderful relief!!"

- Rainey M.

"I developed carpal tunnel during my 3 trimester add after having the baby it wasn't going away. I came to family first for my baby to receive chiropractic care and I ended up getting family plan so I can receive care. Within a few adjustments I saw a great difference in my ability to use my hands. Dr. Fredericks is wonderful and prices are reasonable." - Emmy L.

"The doctors and staff at Family First are amazing! They have helped me get out of chronic back pain. They are willing to work with you financially and it's obvious that they care about their patients." - Kaitlyn F.

"Earlier this year, I suffered a dance injury that left me with my C1, C2, C3 vertebrae in my neck twisted out of place. The pain was horrible with a protruding disk, I couldn't turn my neck and it started to effect my trap muscles making them horribly swollen. Fortunately when the pain got too much my professor called them and made an emergency appointment and took me in later that day. Dr. Fredricks saw me and saved my neck and back! Everyone was beyond helpful and willing to work with students especially who don't make much and may need to make a payment plan. Thanks to everyone here I'm able to dance again! Still go for regular adjustments and I can't recommend them enough!" - Maria S.

"I love Dr. Kelly Fredericks. She is very passionate not only about chiropractic treatment but overall wellness. She's become a good friend and I always enjoy seeing her. She has dramatically helped my sciatica pain as well as given me actionable ways to reduce my symptoms. The staff, Abby, Rachel, Mary, are all very friendly and delightful to interact with. Can't recommend this office enough!" -Matt K.

"I love this place! I started coming because I have had issues. I am able to do things that I would not be able to do if I did not take care of myself by going regularly. It is a Wellness Center!" - Susan C.

"I've tried one Chiropractor after another for almost 13 years, and my expectations are extremely high cause I've seen it all. When I emailed Dr Haskel about my condition and my concerns, sort of challenging his ability to help me before I wasted my time, not only did I get a timely reply from the office, he personally answered my email too, inviting this Very Picky (and might I add - a little demanding) Skeptic into his office. Dr Haskel accepted my requests and health challenges with excitement, as believed he could help me. And he did! I'm very happy and proud to be under his Chiropractic, and whole body health care." - Jackie J