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Welcome to Family First Wellness Center
Your Altamonte Springs Chiropractors 

Are you looking for a reliable caring chiropractor in the Altamonte Springs area? Look no further! Family First Wellness Center is the answer. We have served people in Florida just like you for years and we can help you too.

Everyone at Family First specializes in gentle care to put their patients at ease about their chiropractic care. We strive to provide a soothing atmosphere where our patients can relax and heal.

Meet the Chiropractors

FFWC is blessed to be the home of three exceptional chiropractors. The first chiropractor is Dr. Jeffrey Haskel who has 17 years of experience and has practiced Nutritional and Energetic medicine, Functional Neurological medicine, and Toxicology since 1997.  He attended Life College where he got his undergraduate degree in chiropractic medicine and Clayton College for his doctorate degree in Holistic Medicine. He openly declares that his first mission is to restore hope!

Dr. Kelly Fredricks is our second chiropractor and the owner of Family First Wellness Center. She earned her post-graduate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2014 after being a patient of Dr. Haskel's. Her health and well being were changed so drastically that she chose to join Dr. Haskel and practice the Koren Specific Technique that helped her so much.  Dr. Fredricks is Webster Certified for the care of pregnant women and also earned her CACCP designation in October of 2020. Dr. Fredricks is granted her Board Certification from The Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics of the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice (ACFP). They have been designated with the CACCP credentials and proudly remain a member of the ICPA. This certification enables Dr. Fredricks to expand her range of care to individuals throughout pregnancy and childhood with excellence and in accordance with evidence-informed practice. 

And our third doctor is Dr. Alexandra Antoine. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2023 and practices both light force and manual adjusting techniques. Additionally, she is certified in the Webster technique. Dr. Alex has received further training through the Pediatric Experience, ICPA, and other courses focusing on pediatric care. She aims to make every patient feel heard and cared for!

Services We Offer

We employ gentle holistic services to help a wide variety of people find  healing and freedom from pain. The areas of Chiropractic care that we  address include: 

  • Prenatal chiropractic 
  • Pediatric chiropractic 
  • Preventative chiropractic 
  • Regenerative Shockwave treatment
  • Neuro Infinity
  • Any of the “Three T’s” – Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts (stress) – that  cause subluxations/misalignments in the spine to occur. 

Holistic Treatment Options

To address the plethora of conditions that can cause problems in your  body, our doctors will employ individualized treatment plans that include  techniques such as: 

  • Koren Specific Technique (KST) – gentle light force adjustment using a  handheld device to deliver low a force adjustment to a specific  location without  popping, cracking or twisting. This technique is useful for newborns,  the elderly, and everyone in-between. 
  • Webster Technique- to correct pelvic imbalances during pregnancy
  • Decompression Therapy – to treat the pain of degenerative spinal disc  disease and herniated discs 
  • Summus-Cold Laser Therapy – Special waves of light are used to stimulate the  body’s natural ability to heal itself. 
  • PEMF Therapy –Treatment that activates the body’s chemistry to allow  it to heal faster with more than 40 years of clinical studies to back it up. 
  • Shockwave therapy - High frequency sound waves are used to stimulation your body's natural stem cells to the treatment area to help repair and regeneration the injured tissues.
  • Neuro Infinity

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  • "I went to Dr. Fredricks for back pain and it was my first experience with Chiropractic treatment. I was skeptical of Chiropractic adjustments, and didn't really know much about them, but a dear friend recommended Dr. Fredricks and assured me that I wouldn't regret it. To say my friend was right is an understatement. Dr. Fredricks impressed me from the start with her knowledge, her perspective, and her uplifting manner. She explained everything she was doing in the treatment, and it was painless. The improvements in my back were gradual, and through more treatments I began learning the connection between spinal health and overall health. Since then I've seen Dr. Fredricks for a variety of issues, all traceable back to my spine. I've also had several other therapies at FFWC that compliment the adjustments, and gotten advice and guidance on a variety of health topics. I'm happy to have Dr. Fredricks and her team at FFWC in my health toolbox for when I need them."
    Kay S.
  • "Wish I could give 6 stars. As a new mom, no matter how early you leave you still end up late. They were beyond patient we ran behind in traffic. Personalized it with your name on a board for new patients. Encouraged bringing my infant and when she got fussy during the exam brought her stroller closer to me. On top of adjusting me probably the best anyone ever has, they stayed true to their name and helped put my family first."
    Summer L.
  • "Such a pleasure to visit Family First Wellness Center in Winter Park. I was referred there by one of the staff members Christy. My daughter who is seven loved the kid friendly office and the doctors soft touch. Can't wait to go back next week and get grace aligned again.
    I highly recommend this place to all moms who are having problems with kiddos being hyperstimulated, having sleep issues, or showing signs of ADHD.
    Big thank you to all the doctors here who are offering hollistic and more patient approaches with our little one's ❤️."
    Marlene L.
  • "Dr. Kelly, Dr. Alex, and the entire staff at FFWC are truly the best there is in chiropractic care. I started seeing Dr. Kelly during my late pregnancy and she helped me enormously during those last uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy.

    I continue to receive personalized care at 8 months postpartum, along with my baby boy, and the effects are subtle yet profound. It's evident that we both receive benefits to our CNS. After each appointment I leave feeling physically refreshed and emotionally "lighter" and my son, who tends to have a higher energetic baseline, always leaves happy and calm.

    It is a worthwhile investment into ones health. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Alex are experts in what they do and they do it with a positive, uplifting attitude that is contagious."
    Silvina G.
  • "Dr. Kelly, staff and other providers in the office are fantastic. As a patient her care has been extremely helpful to my overall health, reduced my pain and discomfort, especially while pregnant and postpartum. As a provider, I know I can refer to the office with confidence."
    Tiffany L.
  • "I've been coming to this practice for 15 years and there is a reason I keep going. The practitioners are the most genuine, loving people you could ever hope to have working on you. I've experienced significant miracles and have seen amazing transformations in many friends and family. They are the absolute best!!!"
    Leslie H.
  • "Dr. Kelly and Dr. Alex are amazing! We have been coming for over a year now and I have seen so many improvements in my girls sleep and overall health and ability to recover after illnesses. To make all of this better, they have angels for staff and they truly care about helping in any way they can. We will never go anyplace else 💗"
    Mallory P.
  • "Your appointment time is your time, on time all the time. The friendliest doctors office I have EVER been in. They real care about and for you. You wouldn't believe that chiropractic medicine works until it works for you and wow does it promote so much good healing. I can now tell when my body is misaligned and need an appointment and the difference when I walk in and out of Dr Kelly office. Now I won't go anywhere else. I moved over an hour away but will make the drive. It's worth it. AMAZING CARE."
    Kelley W.
  • "Family first has been a key component of our wellness journey, the scan gave me the information I needed to make significant positive changes, including regular adjustments. Everyone in the office is fantastic, brings me so much joy to see parents and kids all get treatment. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Alex are both magical. If you’re on the fence, this is your sign!"
    Zaghie P.
  • "Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful that working on my health issues has been an absolute pleasure."
    Greg V.
  • "Always feel better when Dr Kelly adjusts me !!!"
    Janet K.
  • "Professional and knowledgeable
    Courteous and warm friendly environment"
    Biff K.
  • "Family First was recommended by a good friend of mine several years ago and I could not be more grateful. It is an awesome place! Their chiropractic and laser services saved me from a painful shoulder surgery, months of recovery and no guarantee of total movement again. I absolutely recommend Dr. Fredricks. She and her staff are professional, friendly and caring."
    Debbie H.
  • "Thank you Dr Alex for excellent service today! The new office is beautiful and relaxing. I even got a little walk around Cranes Roost this morning!"
    Christine L.
  • "Awesome as always."
    Vick D.
  • "Everyone at FFWC takes such great care of me! Dr. Fredricks is the best!"
    Brooke S.
  • "I love the convenient location, caring and talented staff and most of all- how much better I feel now after many years of pain & discomfort! I even referred my family here."
    Dana T.
  • "Our little Charlie struggled with chronic ear infections and had a non stop runny nose. Everyone just kept putting him on more and more meds. The doctors told us he needed tubes in his ears. My Mom told us about Dr Fredricks so we decided to give it a try. Within two months of coming 3x/week Charlie was clear of ear infections and his nose stopped running. He could also hear better because he wasn’t clogged up anymore. We’ve been coming for almost a year now and he has not been sick once. We are so thankful for Dr. Fredricks!"
    Jewel M.
  • "Dr. Fredricks always makes my body (and mind/spirit) feel better! Not just the Chiro but the wonderful caring people. They also do wonders for my munchkin, Max- seeing him since he was an infant and helping me with his low birth weight and my lactation problems."
    Karen & Max L.
  • "Dr. Haskel is more than your average practitioner - he can approach your wellbeing from a scientific rationale but can integrate and connect it as mind, body, and soul."
    Joy A.
  • "In my opinion they have excellent service , very attentive and specialized care ..."
    Poul O.
  • "Amazing! Dr. Haskel is a life saver!!! This place has it all...physical, emotional and spiritual wellness all in one place. I recommend them to everyone I know!!!"
    Lisa H.

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