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Welcome to Family First Wellness Center
Your Winter Park Chiropractor

Are you looking for a reliable caring chiropractor in the Winter Park area? Look no further! Family First Wellness Center is the answer. We have served people in Florida just like you for years and we can help you too.

Everyone at Family First specializes in gentle care to put their patients at ease about their chiropractic care. We strive to provide a soothing atmosphere where our patients can relax and heal.

Meet the Chiropractor

Family First is blessed to be the home of two talented chiropractors. The first chiropractor is Dr. Jeffrey Haskel who has 14 years of experience and has practiced Nutritional and Energetic medicine, Functional Neurological medicine, and Toxicology since 1997.

He attended Life College where he got his undergraduate degree in chiropractic medicine and Clayton College for his doctorate degree in Holistic Medicine. He openly declares that his first mission is to restore hope … and that is all you need to know about our amazing Dr. Haskel.

Dr. Kelly Fredricks is our second chiropractor. She earned her post-graduate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2014 after being a patient of Dr. Haskel's. Her health and well being were changed so drastically that she chose to join Dr. Haskel and practice the Koren Specific Technique that helped her so much.

Services We Offer

We employ gentle holistic services to help a wide variety of people find  healing and freedom from pain. The areas of Chiropractic care that we  address include: 

  • Prenatal chiropractic 
  • Pediatric chiropractic 
  • Preventative chiropractic 
  • Injury and Auto Accident treatment  
  •  Any of the “Three T’s” – Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts (stress) – that  cause subluxations/misalignments in the spine to occur. 

Holistic Treatment Options

To address the plethora of conditions that can cause problems in your  body, our doctors will employ individualized treatment plans that include  techniques such as: 

  • Koren Specific Technique (KST) – gentle light force adjustment using a  handheld device to deliver low a force adjustment to a specific  location without  popping, cracking or twisting. This technique is useful for newborns,  the elderly, and everyone in-between. 
  • Webster Technique- to correct pelvic imbalances during pregnancy
  • Decompression Therapy – to treat the pain of degenerative spinal disc  disease and herniated discs 
  • Summus-Cold Laser Therapy – Special waves of light are used to stimulate the  body’s natural ability to heal itself. 
  • PEMF Therapy –Treatment that activates the body’s chemistry to allow  it to heal faster with more than 40 years of clinical studies to back it up. 
  • Nutritional Counseling to achieve complete balance and optimal health. 
  • Corrective exercises 

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Family First Wellness Center

1290 Palmetto Ave 

Winter Park, FL 32789


  • "Dr. Haskel is more than your average practitioner - he can approach your wellbeing from a scientific rationale but can integrate and connect it as mind, body, and soul."
    Joy A.
  • "In my opinion they have excellent service , very attentive and specialized care ..."
    Poul O.
  • "Amazing! Dr. Haskel is a life saver!!! This place has it all...physical, emotional and spiritual wellness all in one place. I recommend them to everyone I know!!!"
    Lisa H.

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